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Written by Steve Ripping Thrash, March 14, 2004

Although I don't have a release date on the original tape version of this compilation, I think it was made around 1987/88 or maybe 1989... on my old tape label MUT (side project of Ripping Thrash zine). After releasing a comp tape of some German bands and a comp of Spanish bands (note: Thrash From Spain also re-released on CDR), and a couple of split tapes, this was my first attempt at an international compilation, well that was the intention, but it was not that international really looking back at it now, most of the bands are from US, UK and the rest of Europe, but I didn't have as many contacts back then and I had only been doing Ripping Thrash zine a couple of years, so I guess I did not know of any hardcore punk bands from Japan, Asia, South America etc at that time.. What about the bands? Some of them have never been heard of since, others went on to make some records etc and be more known in the DIY scene...

HEAVY DISCIPLINE - great band from East Anglia if I remember correctly, sadly split up after releasing 1 7". HALLE 54 - made lots of demos and an LP, but never seem to get particularly recognized in the scene... L'ODI SOCIAL - great band from Spain, were one of my favourites around this time, made a couple of demos, a 7", and a mini LP in the late 80s. FEED YOUR HEAD - were going for a quite a few years, from Manchester. Remember seeing them for the first time in Liverpool as I lived there at the time, and saw them quite a few times gigging in both Liverpool and Manchester between 1986 and 1988. They went on to make 2 LPs playing melodic punk. 2227 - great stuff from Yugoslavia - this compilation is so old that it was made when Yugoslavia was all one country! 2227 went on to make 2 albums, but more in a post-punk/rock vein. GRB - another class Spanish band - went on to make a 7" and an LP which I still love the sound of to this day! KGB/III KATEGORIJA/G.U.Z./PAX VOBISCUM/PARIAPUNK - I know nothing more about these bands sorry! INFEZIONE were a classic Italian HC band from the late 80s in the vein of all those other great Italian bands of the time! Political hardcore punk at its best! They went on to make 2 LPs, and the demo these tracks are from has now recently been released as an LP (on Agipunk Records). CRIST - the band of an old friend of mine Gvido from No Profit Records and was also in BRAINSTORM. CRIST went on to do one 7". Feel free to slag off their lyrics - in fact the lyrics to their song on here were written by me!! SUBTERRANEAN KIDS went on to release various albums and were probably the first Spanish HC band to tour Europe and I would guess in the 90s the most well known Spanish band... YUGOSLAV SUN - no info sorry.

NO FRAUD from Tampa, Florida released quite a lot of stuff, one of the most known bands from this compilation. I think they are still going too! WRETCHED - probably the best known band on this compilation, awesome political hardcore punk and their 1st album from 1985 is still one of my fave albums ever! Track here is from their 2nd LP. They went on to make 2 albums plus 4 7"ers. KZV - no info on them at all sorry! BAP went on to make 2 albums... RADIKAL HC did an album too, but personally I prefer the tracks here... EXTREM did a few demos as well as a split LP with Mickeyman and a 7" later on. QUOD MASSACRE, no info sorry! R.I.P - more streetpunk influenced Spanish band, released 1 LP to my knowledge, and it's a corker. DEATH WARMED UP - don't think they did anything more than demos as I recall, they were from Birmingham. DEBAUCHERY - from North East England, released 1 LP on Looney Tunes Records. GENOSSEN made a few demos, but nothing further so far as I know. TRANSGRESSOR made just the 1 demo I think and never heard of them since. Same goes for BLIND AMBITRION. Germany's INHUMAN CONDITIONS started off as a metally hardcore band, but thankfully they saw the light and made 2 LPs which were more in the vein of fairly fast but tuneful hardcore! Hope you enjoy the comp! Write us!

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