Labels & Distros
Acme Records - punk and hardcore label and distro from Massachusetts, USA
Adult Crash - K-Town (Copenhagen, Denmark) DIY hardcore punk label that is a side label of Plague Bearer
AON - Bulgarian DIY label and distro covering all styles in the punk spectrum. a great source for obscure international punk.
Armageddon Shop - an amazing record shop from Providence, RI, USA carrying pretty much everything you could want for punk, hardcore, metal, and a ton of other stuff
Boston Tea Party - Danish label that was mainly active in the '80s run by two members of the Danish band Enola Gay.
Attack Records - cool street punk, pogo punk, UK82 styled label from Germany
BBP Tapes/Records/Distribution - tape and record label filled with peace/anarcho punk that's been around for years from England
Bestial Onslaught Productions - underground death/black/thrash and other types of metal label from Massachusetts, USA
BITE Distro/Fuck Copyrights Records/Ripping Thrash - label and zine from England with tons of hard to get international titles
Blindead Productions - DIY hardcore, punk, thrash, crust, etc. label and distro from Sweden. also Attack! Fanzine Online
Campary Records - label and mailorder from Germany carrying lots of political punk, hardcore, and crust with some great releases on their label
Circle Pit Records/Ratcharge zine - DIY hardcore punk label, distro, and zine from France. site mostly in French, but still worth a look
Dead Beat Records - large label and mailorder from L.A., California, USA that carries mainly '77, garage, rock 'n' roll, and associated styles
Disastro Sonoro Recodrs - Italian hardcore punk/thrash/crust label and distro run by Koppa from the band Kontatto
Discos Enfermos - DIY hardcore punk label and distro out of Spain with releases by Atentado and La Urss among others
Ebullition - one of the largest distributors and labels of independent/DIY punk music based out of California, USA. also the website for HeartattaCk zine
Havoc Records - DIY hardcore punk label from Minnesota, USA
H.G. Fact Records - Japanese thrash/punk/hardcore label
Impregnate Noise Laboratories - DIY grind, crust, thrash, punk label/distro from Czech Republic with many releases
Malarie Records - large label and distro of mostly crust and political punk stuff from Czech Republic
NAT Records - record shop out of Japan with a huge selection carrying all types of punk
No Fashion HC Records - DIY label from Brazil with lots of international hardcore and punk
No Future Records - comprehensive unofficial site detailing much of the history and releases of this legendary UK punk label
Plague Bearer - label and distro from Denmark covering hardcore, punk, d-beat, crust and other genres
Primitive Distro/oD.I.Y.sia! zine - Belarusian DIY distro and zine website done in both Russian and English
Punk And Destroy - punk record shop from Japan carrying crust, hardcore, raw punk, anarcho-punk, and lots more
Rat Bone Records - French hardcore punk label
Record Shop Base - record shop and mailorder based out of Japan with a huge selection of all types of hardcore and punk
Sharapov Sound System - Russian tape label with a crusty punk focus
Sound Idea Distribution/Burrito Records - one of the biggest and best distros in the world with all types of punk and hardcore from Florida, USA
Southkore Records - label and distro from Chicago, Illonois, USA with some great Spanish hardcore punk releases out
Speed Kills! - "Distro and Teenage Time Killers" from Boston, MA carrying zines, demos, and other assorted DIY punk and hardcore music
Stickfigure Records/Distro - large distributor of many types of punk from Georgia, USA
Thrash 'N' Die Records - DIY tape/record label and distro from England focusing on thrash, punk, and hardcore

Aghast - political raw punk/noisecore/distort band from Maryland, USA that is great

Punk Resources, (Online) Zines, Information Sites, & DIY How To's
Attack! Fanzine Online - An online zine dedicated to DIY hardcore and punk with interviews, reviews, pictures, and lots more
Austrinken - Extensive German site kind of like an online zine but with a lot more cool stuff
Flex - Discography of US punk and hardcore
Kill From The Heart - An incredible resource site covering domestic and international early '80s hardcore
Major Labels: Some Of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked - Everything you need to know about major labels
The Media Pirates Network - Pirate radio resource site - Hardcore, punk, crust, noise webzine from Turkey
Radio 4 All - Fee the airwaves
Sonic Overload - Punk and hardcore radio hosted by Al Quint of Suburban Voice zine

Sites Dealing With Politics, Environmentalism, And Animal Rights
Anarchist Black Cross - Anarchist group that provides aid to anarchist/political prisoners
Animal - What's happening in the animal liberation movement. This site also contains free downloads of the A.L.F. Primer, The Final Nail, and other militant direct action primers and booklets.
Class War - Militancy with an obscene sense of humor
EZLN - Zapatistas information - Anarchist resource site
International Workers of the World - Radical labor at it's best - One Big Union!
Lucy Parsons Center - Radical bookstore/resource center in Boston, MA
The Noam Chomsky Archive - This site features a lot of his writings
No Compromise - Animal liberation site
South End Press - Publishers of radical literature
Spunk Anarchist Library - An immense online anarchist library and database

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