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SNR#1 - The Proletariat - "Soma Holiday" cassette tape
One of the best political hardcore punk bands to come out of the Boston area of all time, The Proletariat originally released their "Soma Holiday" LP in 1983 on Non-U/Radiobeat. Drawing on Marxist and socialist views, they created a very original, uncompromising, angry, and bleak message set to the backdrop of intense hardcore. You may have heard their tracks off of the comps "This Is Boston, Not L.A.," "Unsafe At Any Speed," and "P.E.A.C.E." This cassette is an official re-release of their "Soma Holiday" LP authorized by the Proletariat. The insert contains lyrics, complete discography listing, pictures, and more. 750+ made since October of 1999. Currently in print.
SNR#2 - Melee/Cancer Kids split 7" (OUT OF PRINT)
Melee was a thrash band from Boston that released a great demo in the spring of 2000 that caught a lot of people's ear. Chaotic as hell. This record was a sort of transition period for the band as they began incorporating a slight crust influence later on. The Cancer Kids were a really fast hardcore band out of the Western Mass scene. They kind of remind me of 'fastcore' style bands with a decided Western Mass old school hardcore influence. Originally released in conjunction with Endless Knot Productions. 1,000 pressed June of 2001 (800 black, 200 blue). 350 repress January of 2002 (all blue with an alternate Cancer Kids cover). Out of print, no repress planned.
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SNR#3 - The Dirty 30s - "This Is Sick!" 7" (OUT OF PRINT)
Crust in the vein of ENT and Disrupt. 1,000 pressed June of 2001 (500 green, 500 clear, 50 green vinyl came with Britney Spears covers, 25 green vinyl came with Britney Spears covers and green record sleeves). Out of print, no repress planned.
SNR#4 - Strohsacke/Worhats split 7"
These two veteran punk bands from Berlin, Germany play tuneful, aggressive hardcore punk influenced by German greats like OHL and Razzia that sounds like it could have been released by Weird System back in 1983.  The scratchy, snarled vocals epitomize the style of punk both bands play, while the lyrics they spit cover socially conscious themes. Both bands have been around since the mid-'90s with Strohsacke's first release being in 1994 and The Worhats making their debut in 1996.  They each have many releases under their belts, and this split carries on right where each band last left off. Fans of old German punk and UK82 take note. 1,000 pressed in July of 2004 (all black).  Currently in print.
SNR#5 - Mishap - s/t 7"
Extremely well executed charged metal punk in the vein of "Forward Into Battle" era English Dogs or Broken Bones.  A ripping onslaught with double bass drumming, dual guitars, and ferocious vocals.  Song titles such as "Bloodlust", "Body Of Christ", and "Truth Of War" should give you a good indication of where they are coming from lyrically and stylistically. Comprised of various vagrants and vagabonds from the Boston punk scene, Mishap's debut EP isn't a cheap imitation or second rate knock off of the bands that influenced them, but rather pick up right where the UK greats left off while adding their own ripping trademarks to the genre. 1,000 pressed in March of 2005 (all black).  Out of print, no repress planned.
SNR#6 - V/A - "Ripping Thrash - The Tape" cassette tape
Originally compiled and released by Ripping Thrash from the UK in 1988, this tape contains some absolutely legendary bands as well as some long forgotten gems including Heavy Discipline (UK), Halle 54 (Germany), L'Odi Social (Spain), Feed Your Head (UK), 2227 (Yugoslavia), GRB (Spain), KGB (Germany), III Kategorija (Yugoslavia), IV Reich (Spain), G.U.Z (Yugoslavia), Pax Vobiscum (UK), Pariapunk (France), Infezione (Italy), Crist (Yugoslavia), Subterranean Kids (Spain), Yugoslav Sun (Yugoslavia), No Fraud (USA), Wretched (Italy), KZV (Yugoslavia), BAP (Spain), Radikal HC (Spain), Extrem (Austria), Quod Massacre (Yugoslavia), RIP (Spain), Death Warmed Up (UK), Debauchery (UK), Genossen (Germany), Transgressor (USA), Blind Ambition (USA), and Inhuman Conditions (Germany). This release is an official re-issue in it's original format with full permission from Ripping Thrash. Released in June of 2005. Currently in print.

Read the Ripping Thrash The Tape liner notes with comp and band information.
SNR#7 - V/A - "Thrash From Spain" cassette tape
A Spanish hardcore punk compilation featuring multiple tracks by some of the best bands that Spain had to offer in the '80s including BAP, Eskupitajo, GRB, Gurilla Urbana, IV Reich, L'Odi Social, Radikal HC, RIP, and Subterranean Kids. Originally compiled and released on Ripping Thrash in the late '80s, this has been re-issued in it's original format with full permission from Ripping Thrash. Released in June of 2005. Currently in print.
SNR#8 - V/A - "Lorteland" cassette tape
Lorteland was originally released on the Boston Tea Party label from Denmark in 1983 in an edition of 150 copies.  The compilation features 66 songs by 15 bands including TZP, War Of Destruction, Crap, Klar Pest, Disaster, Camouflage, Freshly Riots, Spild Af Tid, Enola Gay, and Diarré from Denmark; Terveet Kädet and A.D.L. from Finland; and Impact, Indigesti, and 5° Braccio from Italy. The tape contains the original insert which has a small section designed by each band with lyrics and other info.  This is the third and final installment in a series of tape compilation reissues on Social Napalm. Released in the summer of 2005. Currently in print.

View Lorteland tracklist
SNR#9 - Sgt. Slaughter - "They Call Me Guitar Dickmouth" 7"
Irreverent and noisy hardcore punk from Massachusetts. There's an obvious Jerry's Kids influence here along with other early Boston bands. No traces of fastcore, powerviolence, or anything else here. Just hardcore punk with a clean, ballsy guitar sound and perfectly fitting production. 400 pressed in July of 2007 (all black). First 5 copies in LP covers. Next 10 in spraypainted covers due to the band's laziness. Released in June of 2008.  Currently in print.
SNR#10 - V/A - "Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God" 7"
After several of the more established bands in the Boston area DIY scene broke up, 2005-2006 saw the formation of several new bands composed mainly of the same people taking their place. The goal of this compilation was to document these bands in their formative stages to showcase what is happening around Boston currently. The Boston side contains Social Circkle (ex-Sleeper Cell, Epidemic, Refuseniks), Poison Control (ex-Sleeper Cell, Refuseniks), and the Conversions (ex-Sleeper Cell, Refuseniks). Poison Control ended up breaking up when the comp was in it's formative stages, so another new band, Witches With Dicks is on it instead. The Lowell side contains Out Cold who've been around for many years, Sgt. Slaughter (ex-Kirottu, Solitary Neglect), and Violent Nuns (ex-Solitary Neglect). Each band provides one track, most of which are exclusive to the comp.

The title is a piss take on the "Bands That Could Be God" Massachusetts compilation released in 1984 containing such bands as Deep Wound, Outpatients, Moving Targets, and others. 25 rejected test presses in October of 2007, 25 approved test presses in November of 2007, 500 pressed (all black) in January of 2008. Released in June of 2008. Out of print, no repress planned.
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SNR#11 - Out Cold - untitled 7"
Never released. RIP Mark Sheehan.
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SNR#12 - Anxiety - s/t 12"
This record has nine songs on it, and, to me, it sounds like late '80s British HC. I'd say Electro Hippies, Atavistic, that Terrorain demo 7" a bit, or Death Sentence from Australia. It's got a lot of echo on the vocals and really pessemistic and cynical lyrics with an appropriately raw recording. I hope people will be willing to take a chance on this. I don't have any way to hype this record really. If you're into late '80s UKHC, check this out.

Obsolete Formats Tapes

Obsolete Formats Tapes is an audio cassette tape side label of Social Napalm.  It is inspired by labels like BCT and BBP Tapes. Each release contains out of print, demo/rehearsal, live, unreleased, or other miscellaneous material. The tapes are home dubbed with photocopied covers but are all official releases authorized by the bands.

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OFT#1 - HDQ - "Hung, Drawn, And Quartered" cassette tape
H.D.Q., which stood for stood for Hung, Drawn and Quatered, formed in 1984 in England. Influenced by bands like GBH and Discharge, their first appearance on vinyl was a track from their demo ("Take Control") on the "Relying On Us" 7" compilation put out by Endangered Music in 1985. H.D.Q. went backinto the studio in 1985 and recorded eight songs for a self titled 12" on Endangered Music. After releasing the 12", the band would go on to support The Varukers, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Amebix, and Disorder before temporarily breaking up due to musical differences. H.D.Q. would reform within a year with a different line up and a more American sound influenced by bands like the Descendents, Dag Nasty and others. Dickie Hammond and Lainey would eventually go on to join Leatherface among others.
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OFT#2 - Negazione - "Live On Tour" cassette tape
Two different tours compiled into just shy of an hour's worth of live tracks from Italian hardcore legends Negazione. The first side contains music recorded Birmingham, Hamburg, Newcastle, and Liverpool in 1988. The B side features tracks recorded in Birmingham, Ulm, and Manchester during the 1987 tour. Recording quality varies per show but is pretty raw overall. This tape was originally released by MUT/Ripping Thrash and has now been re-released by Obsolete Formats.
OFT#3 - Counter-Attack - "Live" cassette tape
Counter-Attack was an anarcho-punk band from Belgium that was formed in the mid-'90s and existed through 2004, releasing two LPs, "Laments And Skulls" and "Master And Jester." Musically, they are a perfect blend between Crass and Conflict with interesting and catchy songs. Aside from their music, what set Counter-Attack apart from their '90s contemporaries was their ability to take political issues and attack them from unique and interesting angles in a way that i can only compare to Crass. As an example, the song "Zebra" looks at the prison industrial complex from a perspective that questions correctional institutions and their ability to improve a prisoner's behavior, while never excusing the behaviors of those in prison. They combat both the apathetic punk attitude as well as the political punk movement itself in a critical and engaging way without ever coming off as preachy or condescending. This tape features two live sets including one from the Franse Vaart in Ghent, Belgium in 2000 and another from Glasgow, Scotland in 2003. The band broke up in 2004 after having recorded a 7" for Tribal War Records that was never released. Released in February of 2006. Currently in print.
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OFT#4 - Disorder - "Live 1983/1984" cassette tape
Live in Nottingham, England on 9/4/1983 and Bristol, England on 5/7/1984. Decent sound quality while still retaining the raw energy and chaos that you would expect from a Disorder show. This tape has all the hits from the early records including "You Gotta Be Someone," "Rampton Song," "More Than Fights," "Complete Disorder," "Daily Life," etc. plus the live in Bristol gig has the first time they ever played "Education" live on it. A great release.
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OFT#5 - Disorder - "Live 1988" cassette tape
Live in Zagreb, Croatia in 1988. Raw and great recording that is over 46 minutes long. Again, all the hits are here plus many songs from Disorder's mid period. As with all tapes, this one is official too.
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OFT#6 - Bloodkrow Butcher/Gasmask Terrör split cassette tape
Split tape between a two hardcore punk bands playing raw and distorted music. Bloodkrow Butcher from Lowell, Massachusetts are heavily influenced by Discharge and 1980s Scandinavian hardcore like Anti-Cimex. I think the thing that what sets BKB apart from many bands doing this style is that they use catchy riffs with hooks to convey an urgency and power in their music instead of just beating the listener over the head with a pounding drum beat. Their side contains a live on the radio set as well as a four song demo. Gasmask Terrör from France has been around for a while with several releases including a 12" EP already out. This tape compiles their out of print "Architects Of Death" 7", an unreleased four track recording, and a live show recording. I think their gem here is the ripping unreleased song that reminds me a lot of No Security and Totalitär.

Negative Insight zine

Negative Insight is a zine written by Aaron and Erik SN. It is completely separate from Social Napalm. The goal of Negative Insight is to cover and write about some of our favorite bands and music. Each issue has a different theme covering one specific era, scene, or genre of DIY punk.

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Negative Insight #1
This is the debut issue dedicated to British hardcore with lengthy interviews with The Varukers, Sacrilege, and Disaster. This issue features previously unpublished photos of Varukers, Sacrilege, and Concrete Sox, highlights of some of our favorite UK HC records, a bit of politics, and some Cold War propaganda among other features. 28 pages total full size of black and white, cut 'n paste professionally printed hardcore. Zine is also accompanied by a live set of both Sacrilege (1986) and Disaster (1991) that can be ordered as either two CDrs or as one split tape. Comes in a poly bag. 1,000 total printed. First printing (500 copies, October 1, 2010) has came out darker and was printed on an offset printer. Second printing (500 copies, January 1, 2011) printed on a digital printer and is much easier to read.
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Negative Insight #2
Currently being created.
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Negative Insight #3
Someday. (Don't hold your breath.)

Miscellaneous Releases

The releases in this section include titles that i had a hand in releasing but were not put out on the Social Napalm label.

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HUMP-001 - Dry Hump - "Culture Fuck Experience" 7"
Three song 7" of hardcore from Lowell, Massachusetts. The A side contains two noisy hardcore with lyrics focusing on growing up in suburbia and general irreverence and irrelevance. The B side is a slow Sabbath influenced drone drenched in feedback. Contains most of the members of Sgt. Slaughter. This 7" was released in North America by the band and in Europe by Shogun Recordings. 500 total copies (all black) pressed in 2010 with 250 copies available for US distribution, 250 copies for European distribution. The US pressing has a black on white cover, while the Shogun Recordings pressing has a red ink on white cover.
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Amenaça - "Demo" 12"
There has been a long line of great raw, lo-fi DIY punk and hardcore bands coming out of Spain in recent years including the likes of Otan, Firmeza 10, Crimen de Estado, Invasión, and a slew of others, and i hope people will feel that Amenaça continue that tradition of quality. Although not a "ramshackle d-beat band with no bass" band, Amenaça still takes 1980s punk influences (BAP, L'Odi Social, and Subterranean Kids) and combines them with a grainy, raw recording to create an adrenalin charged HC sound. This 12" is actually the band's demo pressed to vinyl, but i don't think that fact hinders the quality at all. This is a three label release coordinated by Inti of Discos Enfirmos in Spain. 500 copies (all black) total pressed with silkscreened covers. 150 for European distribution by Discos Enfirmos, 100 for Japanese distribution by Record Shop Base, 100 for Amenaça, and 150 for North American distribution by Social Napalm. Released May 2011.

To preview some of the songs, please visit the Amenaça website.
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