Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before emailing me. It saves everyone time because you don't have to spend time writing out an email and then waiting for a response, and i don't have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

"I'd like the following records... Can you put them on reserve and hold them for me?"
Social Napalm does not do reserves or hold orders for any amount of time. All records are available on a first come, first serve basis only.

"I sent an order [amount of time] ago. Have you received it yet?"
Answering emails like this only take up time in which your order could be being filled and sent out, so it slows down the ordering process when you ask it, not to mention the fact that i can't spend time matching up emails concerning orders with orders that i receive. Lastly, if you've sent an order, please keep in mind that it will probably get here sooner or later unless some major catastrophe occurs. If it's been over a month since you ordered, and your order still hasn't arrived, then please contact us about it.

"Have you sent out my order yet?"
All orders are shipped within 48 business hours normally.

"How long after I send my order will it take before it arrives?"
Domestic orders can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on where you live and how busy the post office is at the time. North American and international orders vary from place to place. Expect a longer wait for orders sent during the Holiday Season.

"Are you interested in buying/trading copies of releases on my label for distribution?"
One of the best things about punk/hardcore is hearing new bands that blow you away, and i love getting records by new bands that rip in the distro. However, i really like to have heard a band before getting their stuff for distribution. I will generally give anything i'm remotely interested in a listen, so feel free to send some sample mp3s (i can NOT and will NOT listen to Myspace links or Pure Volume or whatever the fuck those other sites are, so don't send me links to them). You can also just do it the old fashion way and send a promo copy for consideration, but i understand many labels with small budgets (such as myself) are unable to do this. Or feel free to send a copy of the songs on tape for consideration. If you're unable to provide actual music, please send the most detailed description possible. The more info you provide, the easier i can decide if it's something that i feel would fit with Social Napalm.

"I'm in a band, and we were wondering if you'd be interested in releasing something by us."
While i appreciate the fact that people are interested in being on my label, i'm sorry, but i am not interested in releasing music by people unless i am already friends with the band. Additionally, i usually like to have seen a band perform live before i decide to release their record.

"Can you send me some of your releases for review in my zine? Would you be interested in advertising in my zine?"
If you're interested in either of these things, i need to see a sample copy of your zine first. I also need to know the print run number for your zine and deadlines for the next issue. All of those are a must. I work with a set list of zines already that i give materials to review to and can't afford to send review material to every zine that asks, sorry. As for advertising, i have limited funds for advertising, but there's always the possibility of trading review materials for advertising space. Please contact me if interested to work out a deal.

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